How do I book a session with Antler Creek Photography?

There are several ways you can book a session with Antler Creek Photography.  You can contact me here on my website, get in touch with me on Facebook, send me an email at: antlercreekphoto@gmail.com, or call me at (563) 212-0980.  

When should I book a session?

My calendar fills quickly and I work on a first come first serve basis!  I take limited number of family sessions in the Fall, and those openings fill up by June.  As for seniors, I begin booking in January and my dates usually fill up by June.  Contact me right away if interested.  I usually am running a back up list in case I open more dates or if someone cancels.

What should I wear for my session?

Clothing choices make the photo!  Think about what you want to communicate in your photos.  What is your personality?  What kind of music do you listen to?  What is the style of your home or the room you want to hang the photos in?  Will the clothing match the environment in which you are being photographed: country, urban, or natural?  Here are my general tips for clothing choices:

  • I love muted colors, natural colors, however you are welcome to wear what you are comfortable in!
  • For family sessions, pick two colors and wear different shades of it.
  • Wear colors that coordinate accent colors or décor in your home.  
  • Accessories are awesome!  Scarves, jewelry, hats, ties, jackets... so many options!
  • Don't forget the right shoes!  No bright tennis shoes!
  • Avoid logos or sayings (unless it's part of the "theme")
  • Glasses - I need to see your eyes!  If you have transition lenses, consider popping your lenses out or finding a glare free pair.  Or just remove them!
  • Makeup - okay... this is more for the female clientele, but I strongly encourage professional hair and makeup for your session.  The pros know how to get you ready for the camera and this is the time to look and feel amazing.  You can always visit a local makeup counter (they'll even give you application tips!), or you can just contact me and I'm happy to give you referrals to some friends of Antler Creek Photography!


What locations do you offer?

I offer and have photographed in many locations!  My first question to clients is, "are you into country, nature or urban?"  Our property covers the country and natural settings, and of course, is unique to Antler Creek Photography!  As for an urban setting, I've photographed sessions in the downtown areas of Iowa City and Cedar Rapids.  Even Mount Vernon and Solon offer beautiful urban looks!  I'm open to traveling within a 20 mile radius of Solon and am happy to even come to you if you have a neat location in mind!

Do you have a studio?

I do have a studio!  My studio is located in the lower level of my home and is set up for mainly children, senior headshots or small families.  This is what I use during the cold months or with newborns.  This area of my home is the "hub" of Antler Creek Photography and is also where I meet clients and do ordering / viewing sessions.

How many images are in my gallery?

The amount of images in a gallery depends on the session.  With Signature Session (family and basic portrait sessions), I choose the top 25-30 images, carefully edit them and those are what you will choose your prints from.  With Platinum Sessions (newborn and senior sessions), there are a minimum of 40-45.  Those numbers are just a base and what my goal is for each session.  Most of the time, you will find more images than promised! 

Why only 25-30 images?  Can I get all images or see the unedited photos?

Trust me, you don't want to see ALL the images from your session!  As a professional photographer, you've hired me to showcase the best of you, and "out takes" don't make us feel beautiful!  Occasionally, moments happen during a session that make great photos, and THOSE you will see!  I like to give enough that can be displayed in an album, or can easily be narrowed down for prints.  Also, you don't see anything that is unedited.  I am an artist and don't feel comfortable giving clients a sketch before the painting is ready. 

What is the average investment?

The average senior session spends between $1000-$1300.  The average family spends $300-600.  Contact me for more in depth pricing and to view the A La Carte list.